DALLAS BUYERS CLUB (The Survivor). (The Heroe II).

Directed in 2013 by Jean- Marc Vallée and shot in just 25 days on a shoestring budget, is a biopic based on the life of Ron Woodroof ( old glory of rodeos and a special fondness for drugs and bourbon ) , and starring Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto, Jennifer Garner and Steve Zahn .

What is it that makes us get out of bed every day, but the worst conditions?

What power moves those trying to find new ways to solve their problems or achieve their goals , though , and again become closer to the point of leaving in an apparent impasse? .

We’re talking about survival. Survival , need not be reflected only in the fact of wanting to live or want to continue existence. Which obviously is our deepest instincts.

It is also to provide a meaning to your existence. The state of happiness , is not achieved only having basic needs met . This is when your values, beliefs and rights are being violated , weakness and strength serves fight it with all your might against what is being taken from you . This is not to betray what you have decided to accompany you on your way. This is the true path of the hero. Actually, it is building a healthy self-esteem and respect for yourself.

And it happens often . In day to day. Not have to be confined in a concentration camp riddled with swastikas . O within the group of buyers who make our protagonist. Since the context here directs us to a struggle between the interests of management ( influences, economic agreements , etc. ) and a handful of human beings affected by HIV virus , who receive a treatment that is proven , which is beneficial , arguing that these drugs are not approved by regulatory agencies. And what is the real underlying reason that there is a drug that has been researched and manufactured by a pharmaceutical company , and the need to promote.

Stunning struggle, holding our protagonist.

And what do we do when we are in a situation that is being violated what they believe , part of our essence ? .

Some take the passive way. To maintain the status quo. To let the storm pass .You make it as if nothing had happened . Putting on a blindfold . Do you resonate ? .

Others opt for an active way. To defend what is important and essential in their lives. Can we speak of ” not themselves be failed .” To be faithful to what you decide is important.

Interesting point .

What it takes to not be failed yourself ?

First, we could talk about SELFDISCOVERYDo we really know ? . Do we know what our strengths and weaknesses, what our values ​​are , and what we give meaning and priority in our lives? , Are they present in day to day? What activities and behaviors in our daily life, honor and dishonor what ? .autocomocimiento
Proposal : Go to a quiet place . Curl up and make a simple list of daily activities.Reflect and write down what values ​​and counter values ​​are present. For example, if you respect for a value, and are not applied in an activity, the equivalent might be present , it would disrespect ( can occur in any of your environments : family , family , work, friendship )

Become aware of it. Now you’d find in a conflict of values. And hence derives a growing unease that sometimes will not be able to discern from where. In other words. You ‘re dealing with an inner struggle with yourself. Where the incongruity between what you think , what you say , and what you do not in the same point.They have decided to part ways . And from there , it looks like things are not going well . Problems arise.

Please review this list and realize themselves are present , if they are not, or if you would like that were more present in your daily life . Then design a plan to incorporate and revise periodically. I’m sure that the quality of your experiences you live improved, and the response of your environment will not be made to wait.

Once you find yourself completed the previous phase, decide what your limits are.How far do you let your environment exceeds these limits , and in conflict with what is important to you? .

Our protagonist decides that his environment is toxic to achieve their goals , or simply to survive. And put aside .

You decide . How are these limits : flexible impassable , solid , fragile …

We’re not talking about you becoming a Sioux Indian who gets up in arms as someone desecrates their territory. While yes, you are aware of what they are for those limits that mark you ‘ve decided what is the ultimate goal of these limits , and yes you are being helpful or not. Once you begin to incorporate them into your life , you can work with them and transform them or secure them .

Proposal : Draw a circle from the center and trace several straight lines , for the spokes of a bicycle wheel. Name each portion, which will be the major relationships in your life : work, family , family, etc. .

Indicates values ​​that you would like to be present in each area and become aware of what they are not . With this you can have a better understanding of what kind of relationships you keep and how to build you really want to enjoy.

We are already at the stage of the way. Day to day. How I can implement this in my daily life? . Being assertive.

Assertiveness is often defined as a communicational behavior in which the person does not harm or submits to the will of others, but expresses his convictions and defend their rights. It is worth mentioning that assertiveness is a behavior of people , behavior . It is also a form of conscious , consistent , clear, direct , balanced expression , whose purpose is to communicate our ideas and feelings or defend our legitimate rights without the intent to injure or harm , acting from an inner state of confidence , instead of emotionality typical limiting anxiety, guilt or anger .

Here are some of the main characteristics of assertive person :


  • Go and accept reality
  • Act and speak based on facts and objectives
  • Makes decisions by choice
  • Accept your mistakes and successes
  • It is assertive , while being gentle and considerate
  • It is not aggressive ; is willing to lead , and to let others direct it
  • You can grow , develop and succeed without resentment
  • Allow others to mature , develop and succeed
  • Ask for what you need, says what he thinks and expresses his feelings with respect.

What do you think ? Sounds good , right? . Although it is not an easy task . It’s something we have to train ourselves . Step. But I set it as a key objective, I is that we are still not assertive, or want to be.

This is the ” core” of any changes we want to make in our lives . Okay for all . The ultimate goal translates into habits. By nature , it is easier to adopt habits that are closer to pleasure, that those who are positioned around the slaughter and / or discomfort.
Take the example of Woodroof . Once you decide your goals of living beyond 30 days in which it was predicted an end to journey becomes a true expert in nutrition, which decides only draw on what is right for your body.

New research from the University College London recruited 96 people who were interested in very simple form new habits such as eating fruits at meals or running 15 minutes a day .

It took an average of 66 days to achieve consolidate the habit. The practice undoubtedly provides some automation but these gains could be lost if the person leaves the project before 60 days , where the habit finally consolidated.However, not everyone needed 66 days ; a few privileged enough to them 18 days while others it needed up to 254 days, almost nine months to achieve consolidate the habit.

– Researchers also make us notice some details that could be useful to us in our daily lives :


  • Skip a day at the training does not reduce our chances of forming the habit.
  • Just need more days to form a habit does not indicate that it will not be consolidated but are more resistant to routine people.
  • To form a habit in the early days is essential strong intrinsic motivation and a high degree of persistence .

Acknowledge your efforts and reward it . This will improve your relationship with yourself . It will build a healthier self-esteem. Admire  and express it yourself .Remember . From the inside to out. if  you do not recognize your effort, your talent, even your weaknesses , your environment can do it for you, but it will not be every day of your life to remind you, and will not achieve integrate .

Also recognizes your surroundings . All that has offered you , gives you and show you . Raved and express it. Moreover, in situations where you feel vulnerable.
Our protagonist , happens to be a die homophobic Texan cowboy , to have as a traveling companion in his last years , a transsexual . And finally manages to recognize you as a person who suffers as he does, and just like you do. That is, someone who feels their fears , hopes , goals, breastplates , weaknesses, just like you . That is the lesson of Woodroof . Obtained when the frame of reference changes. Curious and parallel McConaughey, also undergoes a radical change in their profession, to change their frame of reference , as wheel as it is not used to doing : Shots up to 15 minutes , one camera and a shoestring budget . And, recently , has been rewarded for his professional environment , with the highest distinction.

Proposal: Sit quietly and do a review of your milestones and achievements . You can draw a line , scoring in the top of the year in which it occurred. Become aware of those moments and analyze them . Shells that skills , knowledge, values ​​, put into practice. Acknowledge them and value them . Also check out your mistakes or weaknesses , and learn from them . If you are going through a bad time , they can serve to help you reconnect with your true self, and not confuse external circumstances , with your true essence . Undoubtedly , you will achieve ponderarte .

Smile ,and give you a tribute yourself . Acknowledge yourself and reward yourself . And I Buy it as a habit . This you can also apply to your environment. Can you recognize some talent , your friends, or at work , or with your partner . Just express it honestly. and reward it too, if  it comes from within . It’s symbolic, but acquire this habit you will report higher quality relationships.

Finally, I leave you with the words of our cowboy , ” … and I have one life … one for it to mean something … “

A big hug .



“The Insider”

el dilema

This film was directed by Michael Mann (Heat , Ali, etc. ) in 1999. In the cast are actors like Russel Crow , Al Pacino, and Christopher Plummer.
The story is set in the heart of a powerful tobacco organization , where our protagonist ( Russel Crow ) provides services for ” Brown & Williamson ” as a manager and scientist, until he is fired.
From this moment pinpoints the dilemma that has imprisoned this man : Report publicly the manipulations performed on the content of snuff , with a view to cause addiction in consumers of the product , or remain silent , according to their confidentiality clause , reflected in the contract , which would make him lose certain benefits, such as health insurance and millions of dollars.
On the other hand , Al Pacino as Lowell Bergman, famed producer of ” 60 Minutes” one of the most successful programs on CBS , should also dig inside and face another ethical dilemma , following the refusal of chain to issue the document , and the subsequent issue of the same omission of crucial information .
This story is completely real, and was the catalyst to bring to trial the 7 most influential tobacco companies of the moment.
Following this interesting proposal , I would take a trip accompanying with our main character ( Jeffrey Wigand ), similar to that performed in the process of coaching, where the protagonist himself who will unveil his own way;

1 – . The challenge .

Nothing more and nothing less than face the lobby of the tobacco industry , in order to make a report that he considered ( and later, the American court system ) going against public health, and that he was hiding or simply was no warning of this.
We have already landed the challenge of our friend. It is aimed to be present in the foreground in the client’s reality . When we specify the challenge and approach the coachee , both approaches , it seems that you can touch it, smell it, feel it. Comes alive and presents under your nose , what you know well.
The goal is to distill , possible interferences , which , consciously or unconsciously make you leave YOUR challenge, in the background , going to express someone else probably is related to the primary challenge, but it is not .
It hit the target . Revealing what we get.

2 – Explore the meaning .

Probably , Jeffrey Wigand , a few months before, never could have imagined , for a moment , it would put at risk their financial, emotional , family stability by choice.
What makes powerful plea in that as our scientific and winding path littered with earrings ? .
Probably, yes Wigand , they have published their life purpose , their values ​​would be included .
It is what gives real meaning to our action . It is what makes us consistent , first, with ourselves. It’s your internal brand staff. The seal of the house. The “Made in Me” .
Why? , The question most would resonate in our customer in this case.
Our scientific , almost certainly would ponder over quietly in the mirror every morning before taking its decision .
Actually , the way of values, is an internal struggle with yourself first, by staying the course when the ship is hit by inclement thousand .Although not always the easiest way.
3 – Explore being.

serWe enter the world of skills , strengths , talents , gifts , etc. . Your inner reality ( supported by the beliefs, attitudes, experiences , rules , axioms , rules , emotions, etc. ) and external reality (consisting of its network and systems of relations in different fields : Romance , family, work , social ) .
This time , Wigand , faces something that is completely new to him, perhaps because his decision to pursue the complaint, is proportional to the situation being experienced .
Their framework transmutes . If a company vice president , with the recognition and stability in all areas, that implies to suffer and feel a spiral of psychological , physical attacks , pressures, threats , both foreign and intimate .
The climax of this situation comes from the hand of his wife ‘s decision to secede and take their children with them .
So what happened to our hero ? . Are you suffering from some form of dementia ? . Have you lost the north ? .
Logically , there will be supporters of these hypotheses . Although too, will think that this man is doing what he thinks he needs to do. It is essential to note in this performance is that , despite the fear, disloyalty , that their frame of reference has blown up for the loss of “status quo ” , Wigand continuing the path he has chosen to take .
It can be seen as our friend resilience accompanies you throughout the film . You can feel that ability to deal with adverse situations and , in this case , not experienced so far.

. 4 – Explore the way.camino2

Ask yourself how will you take the path to the target, the challenge you’ve set .
What will be your first step , What difficulties or 

barriers do you foresee find ? , How will solve , What impact will it have on your environment ? , With what internal and external accounts ? Resources, what plan “B” are you? .

When we have set the course , after going through the above steps, we get to walk on the path chosen.
When you find an obstacle that has been provided to us or that you feel is more important than what you had expected, returns to rethink your schema , make a simple list of pros and cons and Rate It , give  a score . Flexibility and open-mindedness, will serve as traveling companions . It is not the ” chips fall ” but to walk lightly of limiting beliefs, and full of respect, generosity , trust  enthusiasm , looking dialogic , determination, commitment, responsibility and empathy.
Wigand , should rethink this path, often to the point of being a ” dead end ” , but there are always solutions and exit the tunnel. The good news is that this tunnel is based on a mental representation of reality we do , and that you can regulate your emotions to a point where you keep intact not oppress but to the point where you suffocate .
In the end, remember, there is no predetermined path , but is the consequence of freedom in your decision making. And it can be modified as you go walking.

King Regards,

Your First Step.

primer paso