300 (The Hero)

Directed in 2007 by Zack Snyder ( Watchmen ) and starring Gerard Butler and Lena Headey . The film chronicles the battle of Thermopylae , which took place during the Second Medical War , the Persian Empire of Xerxes I and an alliance of Greek city -led Sparta faced .The Persian army estimated that 300,000 was composed of warriors and Greek troops , by around 7,000 men. Once Leonidas I, endured two days his position and knew it would be crazy to make the bulk of his army remained a step to defending a Persian offensive , he ordered the army apart from 300 Spartans who were commissioned to resist.

We will try to shell the concept of hero.heroe.anonimo

the dictionary for the word “Hero” offers the following definitions.

The word in question comes from the Latin : heros , – ois .

1. Males illustrious and famous for his exploits and virtues.

2. Man holding a heroic action.

3 . Main character in a poem or story in which an action is represented , and especially the epic .

4 . Characters of high character in the epic .

5 . In ancient mythology , the birth of a god or goddess and a human person , so I said to be more than man and less than god like Hercules , Achilles, Aeneas, etc .

We did observe these definitions, the genealogical tree of our word may be given by the following characteristics or attributes: male, man , feats , famous, illustrious virtue , action, major , epic, epic, high character , god , goddess, person .

That is, it can be considered as “a man who has a high character and , through the action accomplished a number of feats or epics epic sense , leading him to be considered as someone famous and illustrious and eventually , to become a god or goddess . “

By unifying all of the above descriptions , we have achieved a single meaning for the word HERO , quite interesting, as we can now move on to discuss the main ingredients of this new explanation :

1. Man male human being ( be )

We are all heroes. Without exception .
It does not take Leonid I. or have been awarded the Iron Cross . These are just signs that society has created to distinguish an unusual or outstanding performance .

Interestingly, almost always identified with the war hero . Thanks in part to

cinema. My beloved medium has undertaken to present all kinds of heroes and / or superheroes , including our 300 players today . Although , from this report, 7,219,086 people assign to the role of heroes.

Why is it so appealing the hero?. Because it is admired by all, or nearly all, thesociety and is also famous and illustrious (including attributes to unify our definition). And why do we need to be admired by others?, or be famous?,because, obviously, has many advantages:

  • Increase your self-esteem. You feel loved and accepted by a large group.Although, what is attractive, a mental representation is transferred to the physical plane (man or woman) than for this group or society, can be represented in relation to values, concepts,skills, ideals, etc..
  • You can generate great revenue source, without showing anything. As for what you say representas.es , increase your economy.
  • You can have a chance to meet interesting people , which in turn will open other circles , ie , expand your social network.
  • You can meet and intimate with beautiful people and beautiful appeal to you . Is, building relationships and therefore sexual .
  • You can travel, learn new cultures , knowledge, new sports, languages ​​, disciplines, etc. . That is, you can develop both your outer (body), as your inner (mind, spirit).

In short. You can have ALL or almost EVERYTHING you want .

Right. Now position yourself in front of a mirror and watch yourself carefully. Take your time. No hassles .

What do you see ?.


Possibly , you can build a mosaic of praise, negative and / or positive reviews , rejections, fears, joys , ups, resorts, caresses , smiles, tears , postures , winks , gestures, saboteurs.

The bad news is that you can not be otherwise.

The good news is that , not being one , are unique.

What do you think ? . This sounds to me , or I’ve heard , they think out loud many.

Right. No matter , yes you heard before . Matter , to be aware of it , and integrate it into .

Leonidas died in battle. It is a fact . You are alive . It is another factHow do you walk the walk you have left ? Or better , who want to be in that way? .

Take your time and let it resonate questions .

2 . Feats  / epic . ( The way. Action )

I have decided to include these three words, because they all have the same meaning.

Accomplishment : The act or fact, and specially made illustrious and heroic noted .

Epic : Of or pertaining to the epic or heroic poetry .

Epic: Set of glorious deeds worthy to be sung epically .

In analyzing these meanings , leads to the fact or action.

The action in this case , is not trying to stop the Persian Empire of Xerxes I. It is more important to you. We talk about self-knowledge.
de dentro hacia fuera

We talk about values. We talk about acceptance. We talked about that you want.That’s a real battle . Take responsibility for the quality of your life experiences .This path does not have to be suffering from. We’re not going to die trying . We will not receive thousands of arrows in an attempt to defend a position .

Once you’ve made ​​progress on this path of self-esteem . Which, incidentally , is for life , will have to integrate both your strengths and your weaknesses. You’ll be in your center. Equilibrium . And from here , not from another location , known as fear, saboteurs , beliefs, egos , etc. , you will have to interact with your surroundings (family , family , friendship , work, society ) , in a different way .Completely.

This is the right way . From the inside out. Life is not a struggle . That’s part of the social jargon. The struggle you keep to yourself , which is accentuated in your relationship with the outside world , because it also makes mirror and see

reflected in the other what we have built , or not accept , and hence the drama.The drama, in the form of disputes, non-acceptance , envy , jealousy , sabotage , fog.

What ? and  wich may be the result ? Did you stray from your path . What do you travel another path, which is not yours. it may be that your erroneous beliefs have inherited . Sometimes zigzag , sometimes in circles. And flow. This path consists of what you have learned about yourself. Values ​​. Sense . Integration. Ultimately .Your correctly. Your site . The presence . Your way .desviarse

3 . God / Goddess . ( sense )

According to the dictionary, God, supreme being in monotheistic religions is regarded maker of the universe .

For some it is God , for others , the universe, for others the universal love. In short , it is to find the meaning of your life . That you even more complete . According to Victor Frankl, (creator of Logotherapy and survivor Auswitch ) is a man searching for meaning, and there is something that can never be taken away their ability to choose .

To Leonidas I, its meaning and its 300 apparently was filled with values ​​such as group sense , courage , honor, etc. . So much so that they gave their life for it without blinking . It really was what gave meaning to their lives.

Find the meaning of your life . Find your camino.Y will advance your self and your fulfillment .buscador.sentido

A hug .

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