The Wolf of Wall Street (The LEADER).

With this twist , Martin Scorsese, again gets to show his world of sex, drugs and debauchery , but this time without murder or crime families . This tape riddled with sarcasm and criticism of the financial world , brings out the figure of LEADER .

This is my point of reference for this article.

Di Caprio Leornardo enshrined , from my point of view , as the most versatile actor who lights up the screen in recent years , playing the role of Jordan Belfort, a new graduate in biology , in the last years of the 80s , decides to become a stockbroker in order to achieve your goal : Make fortune.

From this premise , our hero , once he gets his license broker, sees his path is interrupted by the greatest disaster in the stock market after the crash of 29 , known as ” black Monday ” .

At this stage , our young stockbroker , still do not know what wood it is made.Although possibly his instinct and destiny with him not to let his dream aside. After reading his wife in a classified newspaper, ads asking where stockbrokers, decides to appear in the company and create your project.

In this film we find some characteristics that a leader should be properly managed. Let’s review some of these key concepts:

1 – . Knowledge.


One of the requirements to be a good leader , is knowledge. It may not be an expert , but you should know what they want to lead. That knowledge of the environment , where your project is developed will give the data necessary to build your roadmap .

And when I speak of knowledge I do not mean to swell titles in the curriculu


m , but the leader also has the ability to know what training or knowledge needs to learn or develop .

2 – . Constantly reinforces the message group.

Impressive to see the scene where Di Caprio , harangue their employees to the path of victory, towards meeting the objectives of the organization.

valoresI do not intend to enter the ethical issue of the company, and more specifically , of Stratton Oakmont (founded and chaired by Belfort .) Is not on this occasion this.

Belfort , get your employees are motivated , because they also receive compensation for their work and for those who work there, want to be in that company and not another . They want to be part of that team.

Do not just sell your project to the external customer , internal customer here is the first thing to ” buy ” what you sell .

3 – . Communication .

Is not only important what you say? , But how you say it ? .

comunicacionIn other words , speak the same language as your audience. Or better yet , let your audience understand your language .

Polish your way to communicate, one with which you identify yourself , that makes you real , that which is your personal brand. While not fall into the manipulation simply be alert about what works and what not.

Make your meetings or your exposures are enjoyable , despite the issue you’re dealing with. Or at least , it creativeYou ‘ll also enjoy more and more of what you once seemed neutral or boring.

4 – . Take risks .
Leave each day a little more of your comfort zone . Do not install on the throne. You can not be the oracle . Give yourself something to those around you . Share something. Lower the mud. And yes you feel vulnerable, much better. Soon you will find out more about you , to walk this path .

5 – . Resistance.

In this section , I share how Belfort addresses this issue. Drugs were used in past decades to such resistance , the pace of work , to be always at the forefront.
This is already part of the script of certain films . Although you do need care .Being physically fit . Caring for food . The hours of sleep. Try meditation, yoga. It’s about caring and cleanse the body and mind.

Keep your balance , ultimately .

6. Celebration and sense of humor.

celebracionFind something to celebrate and do it honestly and naturally. Celebrate the successes of the company, compliance of those goals have been achieved . This is not the extravagant parties that appear on the tape. But do it . You can also use creativity.

7. Teamwork values ​​.

Minimizes differences in equipment . Try to iron out these differences in status and worry about it. The authority can be maintained by other means. Try to identify common values ​​and maximize them. A team coach can be very helpful in this whole journeyPlease review the mission and includes your team main way yeah you have not already done so.
Insists courtesy, and eradicates and other disrespectful behavior.

8. Symbolism and personal example.

Uses symbolism to give more strength to your message or your action. Yes you indicate your company must reduce costs, give you example . I’m sure you’ll find this balance and that message that your team can capture . In this sense , it’s downright fun to watch pseudo tribal dance with small bumps on his chest that each of the employees of the firm , run and share . Create .

9. Conflict .

Self-managed conflictBeat the anger in small doses. Lima differences , find points intersección.las personal differences should not succeed. Afánete to resolve with humility, and naturalness. It is a sign of weakness, but to fight to bring forward a draft and that the team must remain united .

10 – . Surround yourself with a good team.

Make your team the best. I train him . Endow it the tools and knowledge they need .Recognizes talent , maximize and admit it . We all have a talent inside. No need to be the most expensive and experienced . You can do that are overcome and make the best of them . That’s it .

In the film we see how vendors makes Belfort ” rake ” genuine brokers who have an outstanding performance on the job , through training, motivation, confidence , recognition and of course, compensation .

Is your team and you have to go out and play with him.

A hug











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